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replace roof in lakelandResidents in Polk County Florida trust in us to provide top quality roof replacement.
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If your roof is beyond repair and past its useful life, we can replace it. Our roof replacement services are a great way to increase the value of your home, improve your energy efficiency, and get long lasting protection for your home. A replacement is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it can also lower home insurance premiums.

Because this is a large financial investment, it’s important to pick the right contractor. Our skilled experts have extensive experience in the industry. We only use the best quality materials to ensure that your new installation will last for years to come. We take no shortcuts when it comes to installations! Our professional crew performs every job with quality workmanship, because we know the quality & effectiveness of your new roof depends on the quality of the installation.

Why Choose Us?

A roof really is an entire system, including many components that are designed to offer a watertight covering across the entire surface. If not installed correctly, it will not last as long as expected and can often cause a number of extremely costly problems.

Roof Replacement Services - Lakeland and Bartow FLAlthough many companies are willing to simply nail new shingles on top of old shingles, we always advises stripping the old materials complete off, all the way down to the deck, and then adding the new materials.

With years of industry experience, in our opinion, DeNailing & ReNailing is a must! There are several problems with simply adding a new layer of shingles on top of the old material. Any vulnerabilities or defects affecting the plywood deck or truss system can go unnoticed. If moisture has entered under the shingles, the deck will be weak and adding the weight of a whole new layer of shingles will only put more stress on those structural defects.

Adding a new layer of shingles on top of an old shingles will also trap any moisture and condensation that is currently under the old shingle. This can have detrimental effects on the underlayment, decking, and the new shingles in a few years, cutting the life of the new installation drastically. The moisture can actually cause the original smooth nails to pop out from the plywood deck and push up through the new shingle layer. This will open up the new installation to more water damage and weaken the entire system.

Our goal is to “get it right the first time” in order to save the homeowner time and money by preventing future costly repairs. As with all of our services, our replacements are always done to the highest of standards. We remove all shingles & felt paper prior to installing the new system a home. All flashing areas surrounding drip edges, chimneys, plumbing vents and valleys are inspected and replaced if necessary. Most important, the entire plywood deck will be denailed and nailed back in place with 2 1/2″ ring shank nails to replace the old 2″ smooth nails. Updated building codes require use of these stronger anchors to firmly attach your roof to the truss system so it’s imperative that they are strong and up to code. Leaving those old smooth nails instead of replacing them can spell real problems if high winds occur. These important improvements can’t be made unless the old material is stripped, which is why we always recommend this to our customers. Typically, a new roof installed by us will have a 255 lb. uplift rating which is highly important here in Florida.

Lower Your Insurance Premiums!

Did you know that choosing our replacement service could reduce the amount you pay on your home insurance? Here in Florida, the main concern  is generally regarding the attachment method to your home. Along with our replacement services, we provide a Wind Mitigation Report that you can give to your insurance company showing them that the new installation is safer and stronger, therefore minimizing risk associated with problems.

Back in 2006, Florida became the very first state to mandate a reduction in insurance premiums when a homeowner presents a proper Wind Mitigate Report detailing the construction, bracing, and attachment. Our commitment to excellent ensures that everything will be installed correctly and according to recommendations & building codes so there is a great chance that you can save money on an insurance premium.

Investors Chose Us, Too!

Roof Repairs in Lakeland or BartowMany times, investors purchase properties with a goal in mind of fixing up the home and then reselling it in a short time. We are sensitive to those needs and will provide a quality roof that will not only add lasting protection for the home, but also increase the home value. There is nothing like the look and security afforded by a new installation added to any renovation, and any prospective buyer can appreciate that.

As with all of our other services, every job done by our crew is supervised by an experienced manager who is there to ensure the project is completed correctly and to code. Our heart is in every job and we care about every customer and aim to deliver the service that they deserve. Our slogan is not just an empty promise, we really feel that way about ALL of our customers which is why we maintain strict quality standards.

Contact us today to find out more about our services. Our crews serve residents throughout Polk County and our work can be seen all across Bartow, Lakeland, and Lake Wales.

Areas Served: Lakeland FL 33801 – 33803 – 33805 – 33809 – 33810 – 33811 – 33812 – 33813 – 33815, Bartow FL 33830, Winter Haven FL 33880 – 33881 – 33884, Auburndale FL 33823, Polk City FL 33868, Plant City FL 33563 – 33565 – 33566 – 33567, Mulberry FL 33860, Davenport FL 33837 – 33896 – 33897, Lake Wales FL 33853 – 33859 – 33898, and the surrounding neighborhoods in Florida.